Chris' national and international portfolio includes work for multiple CARA Award & CAMMY Award winning productions, prominent artists, and labels such as:

Danny and the Juniors

Solomon Burke

Jay Proctor
of Jay & the Techniques

Russell Thompkins, Jr.

The Stylistics
The Softones The Invictas
John Ellison

Eastman School of Music Orchestra

Amherst Records

Forevermore Records

Pleasurepoint Records

Spotlight and recent regional artists Chris has worked with:

Scattered Ink

Atomic Swindlers

Kierra Kwan

Johnny Cummings

Krista Marie

The Sunstreak



Flour City Knuckleheads

DSpell / Delusional Spell

Index Patient

Daylight Blue / Steptide

For a sampler CD of some of Chris' work, please contact him, or go to the Audio page for select clips.

Other clients include:

Abacus Creative Management JB & Company
Aggressive Betty Jaxom
Agiel Jonny Action
Angry Dogz Zoe Johnstone
Harry Aponte The Legendary Dukes
Eric Arnold Livid
Below the Fall Loopus
Annika Bentley Geech Lorenz
Arts Reach, Inc. Jonah Mendell
Best Damn Band Merlot
Tony Bisbano Mknab
Bosch Diana Modera
Tony Brown Alan Murphy
Ben Campbell Music Face
Candella Naked By Nine
Careless Carliss and the Cantelope Girls One Sick Lie
Walter Parker
Cisco Systems Jim Phillips
Cornerstone Prove Me Wrong
Crystalson Psifer
A Day Without Rain Quarum
Peter De Jesus rachelsDEAD


Richard IV
Deryl Doohan Big John Ruth
Dorsia Carlos Santos
Dropout Genius Save Naïve
East End Studios Serenity Falls
Element K Seven Green
ePlus Dave Shaw
Exit 25 The Showvinistics
Melody Fader Slingshot
Mary Fagan     The Smitty Smoothe Band      
FEEDL Driving the Fall
Tony Ferra Soopi
Finger Lakes Community College Soundbyte Society
Five O'Clock Charlie Michelle Spaziano
Five Skin T. Blast and the Horndogs
G.F.I. Productions The Tams
Marcela Gilman Tangeant
Brian Goeltz Tense Degree
Jackie Gore Adrianne Testo
Terri Gore Paul Thatcher
Dick Grammatico Third Estate
Gospel Truth Susan Trexler
Gumbo Uprising
Gutter Slut Alison Wahl
Habeas Corpus Rick Wahlers
Chris Haitz We're Not You
Mary Ellen Hayden Without Jade
Image Out Craig Woolard
Inherence Alison Zero

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please contact Chris with the information