Christopher Hooker is an Independent Audio Engineer, currently based in the Knoxville, TN area, whose work runs the gamut of engineering, mixing, mastering, and production of multiplatinum recording artists, independent musicians, foley-work and corporate voice-overs and instructionals.  Chris' experience is built from both working at many commercial and private studios, including his own business (New Kultur Studios), and formal education in Music Recording Technology, Music Business, and Electronics.

What sets Chris apart from other engineers is his attention to detail, efficiency with computer recording software, friendliness and flexibility, and dedication to creating a tangible reflection of your artistic vision, even if that happens to differ from his own.  Having been in bands playing guitar, bass, keyboards, drums, and saxophone, Chris also has ample background in a variety of instruments to help you get your gear to sound its best.  He has experience recording many different genres, including Pop, Rock, Alternative, Metal, Country, Punk, Classical, Jazz, Funk, Adult Contemporary, Beach, R&B, and Rap.  While he enjoys working in all styles of music, his favorite sessions are those in which the artists are attempting to achieve a unique character, imparting strong emotions onto the listeners by creating a soundscape that pulls them in and makes them a part of the experience.