Octaver OC-D2

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· Controls to all the typically fixed values for low-pass filters:
      On octave outputs: changes tone from full square wave, or harmonic content, to smooth sine wave.
      On the detection circuit: fine-tunes the accuracy of the octave-divider's tracking.

· Option of three modes of octave-signal generation: Oscillator-generation or 2 Polarity-Multiplier methods.
The Oscillator mode simply mixes in the octave-down signals, whereas the Polarity-Multiplier modes flip the polarity of the key signal, in two different ways.

· In Oscillator mode, dynamics for the oscillators can be controlled either by a noise gate or an envelope follower, both keyed off the input signal. In Polarity-Multiplier modes, the full dynamics of the key signal are retained.

· A DC-offset switch corrects the input signal to improve tracking on rectified or offset signals.

· A scope displays both the key signal and the output signal, so the user can see how the plug-in is operating, and help identify what controls need to be adjusted in order to track more accurately or produce the intended sound. Includes a "Scope Tuning" control to affect the zoom ratio.

· "Listen" radio buttons allow the user to tap the audio at various stages to see on the scope and hear what's happening behind the scenes, and solo each octave without losing mix settings.

· Many users of the Boss OC-2 pedal seek to add a hardware modification that disables the output filter and dynamics sections in order to produce a more synth-like tone. This plug-in has the capability to easily reproduce this mod, by adjusting only a few parameters.

Included are some presets that run through the capabilities of the plug-in.

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Version 1.4     32-bit floating point processing
32-bit Windows VST 2.3

This plug-in is free for both personal and commercial use, but please don't redistribute - just refer others to this page or directly to the download link above.